- Between The Stacks -


Kings Cross Library, Sydney (May 2017)

Night at the Library



Choreographer/Performer: Cloé Fournier

Co-curators/Co-Producers: Roxzan Bowes and Brendan O’Connell

Duration: 35 minutes



An immersive performance experience at Kings Cross


Between the Stacks is a new site-specific solo dance work exploring the relationship between the built environment and the human body.

Made especially for Late Night Library using the real and imagined history of Kings Cross Library and the site on which it stands, Between the Stacks sees the audience move from floor to floor, guided through the library by a nameless keeper of memories who offers vignettes of life in the moonlight.

Playful, immersive, and just a little bit spooky, this performance is unlike any other late night event in a library you’ve ever seen.





Cloé F Projects    City Of Sydney    


- Wished For -

The Rocks Village Bizarre 2015

Through the windows

Commissioned by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority



Performer/Choreographer: Cloé Fournier

Composer: Travis De Vries

Duration: 15 minutes (on a loop)


The Rocks Village Bizarre transforms the Rocks historic precinct into a vaudevillian world of mystery, magic, music, and markets each Friday evening from 13 November to 18 December 2015.

Contemporary artists tread the cobblestones, unique market gems hidden among the laneways, and some of the world’s best dancers perform behind the glass of shopfronts, transforming them into stages featuring entrancing movement pieces, colourful costumes and awe-inspiring visuals.

As part of Through The Windows, French-Australian independent dance artist Cloé Fournier embodies a mannequin whose wish for life has been granted at the bold and bright men’s fashion store Joe Bananas.

In this quirky 15-minute-performance Wished for, Cloé becomes a mannequin, experiencing the world for the first time drinking in the landscape, including the viewers. Part-dance, part theatre, Wished for is everyone’s to enjoy.





Cloé F Projects    The Rocks    Sydney Harbour

- Dining [Uns]-Table -

PACT centre for emerging artists

AFTERGLOW Season 2015



Director/Choreographer/Performer: Cloé Fournier

Dramaturg: Michael Pigott

Composer & Media Artist: Imogen Cranna

Lighting Designer: Guy Harding

Producer: Travis De Vries

Duration: 55 minutes



“Dining [Uns]-Table agitates an eruption that brings new definition to how things are made and received on Australian stages.”  Suzy Goes See

“Fournier is a delight to watch and interact with.”  Emily Richardson, Absolute Theatre

“Experimental in all the best ways.”  Sean Maroney, The Music



Dining [Uns]-Table by Cloé Fournier is a new solo work exploring dark relationships through an intimate and sometimes confronting, ambient world. Exploring deep themes of failed familial bonds and associated psychological and emotional effects, Dining [Uns]-Table uses charismatic movement, dark humour and striking media art. By distorting the personal with the universal, Dining [Uns]-Table draws you into a not-to-be missed experience of dance-theatre.


Director's notes:

Exploring the theme of Family, focusing on its relationships, came from a personal experience and a wish to reflect upon the reasons behind the sacredness of this social institution. With Dining [Uns]-Table, I was curious about the dynamics of family relationships and how these could be translated through text and movement. Early in the process, I became aware of the importance of the audience and how I could rely on the spectators to serve the narrative. The use of improvisation was unavoidable given the nature of the work. However, while certain aspects are improvised, the structure of the work has been rigorously composed to enable me, as a performer, to shift tones and present many aspects of what a family relationship can be. The movement components oscillate between high precision and meticulous choreography versus explosive expressions of the body, always maintaining a sense of playfulness, tension and fragility.

Family is supposed to teach us about caring and respecting others, but above all, it is meant to teach us about Love. It should be a safe place, not an environment prone to letting us doubt of our own worthiness. In that sense, Dining [Uns]-Table aims at opening a dialogue on the overlooked aspects of family relationships. It questions the repercussions of family conflict, absence, ignorance or even silence, from our childhood following us right through our adult lives.

Families aren’t perfect and the relationships they lead to are unique, undeniably making us who we are.






Cloé F Projects    PACT    Form


Bundanon    Eramboo    NSW

- I Wish You Were [Still] -

Eramboo Artist Environment

Island INsites 2014

INsites 2013



Performer/Choreographer: Cloé Fournier

Composer: Imogen Cranna

Duration: Approx. 35 minutes


I wish you were [Still] is a site-specific performance installation investigating the various stages of grief and our coping mechanisms. The performer fluctuates between states of denial, pain, anger, loneliness, bargainning, reconstruction and acceptance. Ultimately, she asks: “Where do you go from here?” I wish you were here [Still] delves into the ordinary, revealing the moments of intimacy and truth, meticulously kept behind closed doors, when one is confronted to the reality of Life and Death.

The performance takes place in a restricted and confined room accessible via glass doors but will also evolve outside. By having a diverse performance space to play with, the performer methodically uses her surroundings to determine the way the audience is invited to experience the work. Whether she ignores or acknowledges the audience, the spectator is strategically played upon to serve the subject matter and further the meaning of the work. Therefore, one should not be surprised by being invited to participate in Cloé's work.


This medium length work is the premise of a new major work in the making and adapted for the stage.

I wish you were [Still] has been developed with the support of Eramboo Artist Environment and Bundanon Trust through an AIR residency.




Cloé F Projects    Eramboo    On Island    Bundanon

- ...Selves -

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Dance Meets Music 2012



Choreographer: Cloé Fournier

Dancer/Performer: Imogen Cranna

Composer: Anisha Thomas

Producers: Kay Armstrong, youMove Company & Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Duration: 12 minutes


About the work:

This twelve-minute-solo investigates the dual process of the brain and how it translates onto a person's body. I wanted to give a choreographic work quality to this work which references various scientific studies on how the human brain functions.


Choreographer's notes:

I concentrated my research on the rational system and the emotional system of the brain. This led us to exploring the embodiment of emotions and how to evoke rationality through movement.

Eventually, the relationship between brain and body created a mix of personalities (or ... Selves).





Cloé F Projects    You Move Company    Sydney Conservatorium Music