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Cloé [F] Projects creates immersive and intimate new dance-theatre works under the directorship of Cloé Fournier. Through multi-disciplinary processes and collaborations with a wide range of talented artists, Cloé is looking at challenging the audience by inviting them to have an experience rather than watch passively. Whether it takes place in a theatre or where you would least expect, Cloé's work is honest and provocative.

- Artist Statement -


As a choreographer, I am most interested in creating content driven works with psychological and emotional edge. As a result, my inspiration often comes from my own life experience or from subject matters I relate to as an individual. I aim at finding ways to convey the personal through choreographic crafting, physical movement and theatrical skills so that it is universally understood and emotionally felt.

My choreographic process concentrates on the embodiement of emotions to find purity and truth in the movements I create. To develop my somatic approach and push the use of psychological and emotional elements in my work further, I am now researching the relationship between body and brain.

Choreographically, I am focusing on finding the inner freedom of the body. I am aiming at blurring the traditional shapes existing in contemporary dance to create a movement aesthetic which comes from an emotional state. I try to find subleties in our “dancing body” by interrogating the way dancers apprehend movement. I tend to concrentrate on where the movement comes from depending on the emotional behaviour studied at the time. In fact, my main choreographic idea is to create a physical vocabulary based on the natural reaction of the body when the brain undergoes an emotional feeling.

One of my other focus is in blurring the boundaries between audience and performers, which leads me to often create works requiring audience participation.